About Us

In 2012, David Hopgood experienced reality TV as a contestant on "My Kitchen Rules" series 3 as one of the Aussie Soldiers. Together with Chef  Teacher wife Cath they formed COOK WITH LOVE to engage with the community through cooking, events and culinary battlefield tours.

By applying for My Kitchen Rules (MKR) David embraced the chance to trial a civilian experience after over 23 years in the Army. 

Post MKR his popularity continues to suprise him,  but now it is seen as a great way to promote a cause close to his heart.  A chance to increase awareness and to proudly support fellow veterans affected by their service.

Although David is a current serving member of the Australian Defence Force, he continues to follow his interests in cooking, culinary tours and as an Ambassador for the charity Soldier On.  These interests are secondary to the honour of serving Australia as a Army Officer.